Gerald Hodges/the
Racing Reporter
has covered NASCAR
 racing since 1994.
He was the only
to cover all three
 NASCAR races in
Japan, and
currently has
a syndicated
newspaper column.

In addition to
being a professional
 photographer, he
is a former
instructor at the
Univ. of South

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In addition to his
writing and
he also has
nine racing
books to
his credit.

NASCAR's Greatest
Racers & Personalities
Volume I

Gene Tapia Story
"King of the Supermodifieds"

Jimmy Mosteller
60+ Years of Memories

Early Supermodifieds
Vol. I

Early Supermodifeids
Vol. II

Early Supermodifieds
Vol. III

Early Supermodifieds
Vol. IV

Early Supermodifieds
Vol. 5

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Below are the available racing books written by Gerald Hodges
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All the others have
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titles left. Drop an e-mail
if you have questions.

The Strange Fate of Norm Batten and Billy Devore,
Billy Arnold, George Barringer, Lee Bible, Joe Boyer, Glen Breed, L. L. Corum, Hilton Crouch, Cliff Durant, Leon Duray, Bennett Hill, Ray Keech, Joan LaCosta, Tommy Milton, Barney Oldfield, Roscoe Sarles, Charley Wiggins, "Howdy" Wilcox, Jerry Wunderlich, and Maude Yagle
252 pages with photos

"Board Tracks of The Golden Era", Louis Chevrolet, Earl Cooper, Rajo Jack, Frank Lockhardt, Elfrieda Hellman, Johnny Mais, Louis Meyer, Eva Mudge, Jimmy Murphy, "Milton & Murphy Saga", Eddie Rickenbacker, George Robertson, Wilbur Shaw, and George Souders.
250 pages, many early photos