Volume IV and Volume V features the C.A.M.R.A. Series
 (Canadian American Modified Racing Association).

Driver Chapters:
History of Midwestern
Supermodifieds, Ron Verash
Art Pollard, C.A.M.R.A.,
Norm Ellefson, Ray Cato,
Chuck Engel, Bob Gregg,
"Flying" Frank Lies, Jack
Lindhout, Jerry & Jim
Malloy, Al Pombo, Dave Strickland, Jack Doering,
Roz Howard, Art Malone,
Hal Minyard, Index
List of Chapters: What Would Earnhardt Do?, Bud Moore, Janet Guthrie, Sam McQuagg, Buck Baker, "Fireball" Roberts, Christmas With The Arkansas Traveler, The Rebel, My Hero, The Lynchburg Flash, David Pearson, "Tiger" Tom Pistone, Curtis Turner, A Woman Named Lou, Handsome Harry, NASCAR's Golden Boy, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Other Racing Heroes, Big Al and Large Marge, Sinning and Grinning, The Ducks, The Good Old Days, A Room at the Top, Las Vegas, NASCAR and More, Mashed Potatoes, Walking Around Daytona, Old Time Chicken Farmer, Hank Williams Drifting Cowboys, The Coffee Drinkers, Trying to Get to Atlanta, Mr. Roosevelt is Going Home, Last Voyage of USS Drum, Dorothy and the Nine-O-Nine.

             This is a hero's journey.
Gene was working as a civilian on Dutch Harbor, Alaska when the Japanese attacked, and was shot in the butt.
Forced to return to the States,
he learned of the theft of his one-hour-old son from a Memphis Tennessee Hospital by the famed baby-merchant, Georgia Tann. Attempting to locate his son would be a consuming task for the next forty years.
Gene enlisted in the Marines and became a Marine Raider with the Third Marine Division.
His first battles were on Guadalcanal. He hit the beach on Guam the very first day.
He spent thirty five days on "Bloody" Iwo Jima.
After returning to the States after the War, Gene was a basket case.
His salvation came in automobile racin
g, in early 1947, and from then on, racing was his calling.
Gene was inducted into the Alabama Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1999.

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Driver Chapters include: Jimmy
Shampine, I.S.M.A., Boyd Arnold,
Baldy Baker, Baldy
Baker Jr.,
Rollie Beale, George Fosco,
Gaines, Jim Harkness,
Hooker Hood, Nolan Johncock,
Hastings(Michigan) Motor
Speedway, Harold Leep,
Mast, RalphnMonhay,
Canadian American Modified
Racing Association (CAMRA),
Gary Patterson, Jim Roepke,
Sessions, Smokey
Snellbaker, Ronnie Wallace,
Chet Wilson, Jay Woodside,

Featured driver is the legendary Bentley Warren.
Also featured is the Ardis Family Racing, which has been in existence since 1947.
 Bobby Allen, Ardis Family Racing, Henry "Hank" Arnold, Art Bennett, Gene "Tubby" Black, Elmer Corcoran, Fred Furlow, Ray Lee Goodwin, Lee Roy Halfen, Bill Hite, Armond Holley, Hank Jacoby, Rat Lane, John McLaren, Orange County Fair Speedway, NY, Bob Osiecki & Mad Dog IV, Norm Rust, Ollie Silva, The Jailed $1,000 Dollar Bill, Index.

   About one half of this book is focused on early southern supermodified racing, with the balance on drivers throughout the country
   Eddie McDonald Sr., Chuck Amati, Fats Harvison, Jan Opperman, Donnie Bean, Buddy Bielarski, Charlie Mincey, The Yellow 19, Foots Kimmons, Bobby Ward, Johnny Benson Sr., The Swindell Family, Mobile International Speedway, Al. Five Flags Speedway, Fl., Mississippi Gulf Coast Tracks, Whynot Speedway, MS, Jimmy Burt and Lamey Speedway, Ms., Terry Broadus, Tommy Cannonball Noblin, Saga of the 2-T Car, Victor Oliver Geisen, John C. Dill, Old Time Chicken Farmer, Hot Rod Lincoln, Rex White, Raymond Parks, Smokey Yunick, Index

This is the first of the Early Supermodified Books, and is basically a reference bible of early southern racers.
It features practically every early driver that raced supers from Memphis to the Gulf Coast. In addition to the early local drivers, it also includes drivers from throughout the country that raced on the southern tracks.
Index contains over
550 driver and track names
A large book, 7X10 inches in size

Jimmie Mosteller set the standard for all other racing announcers in the state of Georgia.
   "His perspective on racing goes back farther than anyone else I know. His historical knowledge of drivers and racers is better than any set of racing books you could buy," Ed Clark Pres. of Atlanta Motor Speedway.
   Mosteller met and soicalized with the rich and famous and the down and out, but he never met a stranger, and treated everyone the way he would want them to treat him. His love for racing and life is reflected in this book, including his accounts of North Georgia Moonshiners. He is a member of the Georgia Automobile Racing Hall of Fame.

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304 pages  207 photos

            Volume III
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Volume V
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Volume IV
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292 pages  48 photos

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